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Elite DriveAway
Your Trusted Trucking Partner

At Elite Driveaway, we offer reliable and on-time commercial truck relocation and delivery services. Our team of vetted, independent CDL licensed drivers will ensure that your trucks are moved safely and efficiently. Contact us today for a customized and affordable estimate.

Move Your Fleet with Confidence with
Elite DriveAway Services



Got a lone truck standing between you and your project’s deadline? Fear not, our robust team of licensed drivers are primed and ready to transport your vehicle to its required destination swiftly and securely.


Elite DriveAway has an extensive decking capacity. With our expertise, we can move up to 4 new or used trucks simultaneously, offering you substantial savings per truck.



Complex or unusually tall trucks that can’t be decked? With our innovative booming service, no obstacle is too hard to overcome. We provide a cost-effective solution tailored to your unique needs.


Facing a transportation challenge that defies the norm? Our adept team thrives on thinking outside the box. We're fully equipped to handle any curveball thrown our way, ensuring your unusual transportation needs are met with precision and finesse.

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